Ephemeral Piano Concerto by Anthony Jay Ptak © January 28, 2016.

Tell me, have you seen my piano?

I had it right here in this room.

I can’t seem to recall where I put it.

To think that just a moment ago I was

playing this piano, And now to have misplaced it.

Is it lost in the world or merely misplaced?

Tell me have you seen my piano?

Tell me have you heard from my piano recently?

If I could be a concert pianist at Lincoln Center, I

would have had a guard protecting my piano. 24-7.

This would not have been lost on me…

Tell me, did you steal my piano? Is it in your coat pocket?

Did you need a place to live and move into my piano?

Rearranging the placement of hammers and strings

to make for a comfortable home?

Damn you for not assisting me in keeping my piano well.

There is so much that could have been said.

To think there is so much that should have been said.

To think that there is so much more still to be said...

Sostenuto pedal down.7490226518_dc0bdffec9_q.jpg  Listen free in iTunes Bear in a Cave, solo piano.

Written at Gilda’s Club NYC.

Photograph by Anthony Ptak axoxnxs.com