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"Weather Patterns in Gowanus." - article by Tony Antoniadis

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"Performing purely electronic interference based improvisations he's quite unique in bringing electronic theory into the physical world and is a true descendant of Lev's left brain." -Theremin World Forum

"... after his passionate introductory remarks (Anthony Ptak) blew everyone away with his custom built polyphonic theremin. You had to be there, but it was the most radical theremin playing I've ever seen." -Bruce Tovsky

"Anthony Ptak was introduced and proceeded to knock my socks off with an original and emotionally compelling composition entitled Simplexity.13, that screamed edgy, hardcore, creatively improvisational punk in attitude and certainly got the attention of everyone in attendance. He is the type of artist who dares to take extreme chances. When you jump off of the cliff he leapt from, you either believe you're gonna fly or you drop to the bottom of the canyon and crash. Mr. Ptak soared in spite of some "technical" difficulties."-John Hammel

"Anthony Ptak is a twenty-first century Beethoven."-Robin Glazer

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Quoted in ReMix Magazine article. June 2006 issue.

Photo feature in Paste Magazine article. October 2006 issue.


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